MICF 2014: Flyer5 #1


Normally when someone thrusts a piece of paper into my hand and says, “I need you to come to this,” I assume they’re taking me to some sort of intervention.

“Britt, we’re all here because we love you, and we want to help you.” They pause, as a tear trickles down their cheek. “You need to stop watching Degrassi. It’s a kids show. You’re an adult. It’s not healthy!”


During the Melbourne International Comedy Festival, however, it’s bizarre to walk past certain venues and not have papers thrown at you. The people frantically trying to convince you to see a show are the flyer-ers. There are two distinct breeds of flyer-ers: those paid to be there (handing out flyers for people whose shows don’t really need the publicity because they’re already famous enough), and those desperately trying to get people to come along to their own show. You can spot the latter by checking to see if the face of the flyer-er is the same as the one on the flyer. If it’s a match, then PLEASE PLEASE FOR THE LOVE OF ALL THINGS HOLY BE NICE TO THEM. MAYBE EVEN GO SEE THEIR SHOW (chances are you can get a free/cheap ticket if you have a bit of a chat). Comedians are fragile beings, particularly around festival season. All they want to do is make you laugh!

Every year, I really enjoy chatting to comedians about their shows, so when Blake Mitchell approached me on my way to see Jason Byrne last night, I came up with a little “challenge”/thing.  Whenever I come across somebody flyering for their own show, I’m going to ask them to describe the show in exactly 5 words.  Because things like this need a name, and I love alliteration, I’m calling this “Flyer5”.

Blake has the honour of being first up, as he is the only person so far to have looked directly into my eyes and begged me to see his performance.  (Okay, that’s a little mean – he didn’t beg, he just kind of demanded.  His exact words were as above: “I need you to come to this”).

When I asked him to describe the show in 5 words, he gave me the following:

“Help me.  Dad broke me.”

So there you have it.  Is the show worth seeing?  I don’t know.  But I shall report back soon on the shows that I have actually attended so far.


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