MICF 2012: Part One

It’s ComFest time again!  Such a wonderfully hectic time of year, where I try to cram as many shows into my schedule as my [incredibly limited] budget will allow.  Here’s what I’ve been up to so far:

01. Mark Watson

Friday 28th March, 9:15pm
It’s not often that you go to a comedy show and win something – and if there’s one thing that I love, it’s winning.  I’ve mentioned my love for Mark Watson many times before, and this show is like his previous ones – recounting awkward stories and talking very quickly – but it’s also quite different.  Firstly, the stories are new [which is always good], but also, there’s a new level of audience interaction.  If you’re planning on seeing Mark’s show [which I implore that you do – it’s brilliantly funny], then make sure you visit this page first.  I don’t want to give too much away, but it could just be worth your while.

02. Alex

[No picture available due to the fact that Alex is not a Comedy Festival performer]

Tuesday 3rd April, 9:30pm
Okay, so maybe meeting Alex in the courtyard bar at Trades Hall doesn’t quite count as seeing a Comedy Festival show, but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t awesome [and not quite as awkward as I’d anticipated, which is good].  Visiting from Newcastle while editing The Pun, Alex has been seeing a lot of shows.  You can read about some of her adventures here.

03. Geraldine Hickey

Thursday 5th April, 8:30pm
Something that I try to do every festival, is to visit the Info Booth outside the Town Hall, and ask them to recommend someone that I wouldn’t normally see.  This process can be a little hit and miss, but in the past it’s lead to my discovery of such funny people as Celia Pacquola and Alison Bice.  This year, I was sent to see Geraldine Hickey’s show at the Portland Hotel.  A little bit crass, and more than a little bit rude, Geraldine Hickey isn’t really everyone’s cup of tea.  While she certainly made me laugh, I found the subject matter of her show [coming out at the age of 32] to be a little difficult to relate to.  The show was mostly funny, but I probably wouldn’t recommend it to others.

04. Late-Night Letters & Numbers
Hosted by Nick Caddaye, with special guests Alison Bice & Andrew O’Neill

Thursday 5th April, 10:45pm
Take SBS’ Letters and Numbers, but move the setting from shiny television studio to a dimly lit room upstairs at a pub.  Make all of the contestants comedians, and then you’ve got yourself a surprise comedy hit.  In this particular edition, Andrew O’Neill enjoyed pretending he was on UK gameshow Countdown [on which Letters and Numbers is based], and Ben McKenzie [in dictionary corner] produced his sonic screwdriver when the Doctor Who theme was played.  Okay, so I’m no good at describing exactly what this show was, but trust me when I say it was damn good.  So good, in fact, that I’m going back again next week.


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