Melbourne Fringe Festival 2017 – Recommendations

Melbourne Fringe Festival 2017 – Recommendations

After spending many years both behind and in front of the bar at the Melbourne Fringe Festival, sometimes I struggle to fight the twinge of sadness that sits inside me this time of year.  Melbourne Fringe was a formative festival for me – my first volunteer gig, where I discovered and was welcomed into the arts community.  I met hundreds of amazing people (many of whom I’m still in touch with today), and my experiences with Fringe encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone, and to seek more opportunities to work and volunteer on creative projects.

Living and working a plane ride away, I can’t make it back to Melbourne this year – and there are so many shows I wish I could see.  But what I can do, is tell YOU to see them.  So, if you’re thinking of heading out to see a Fringe performance or two, please consider one (or more) of the below:

The Last Journalist On Earth
19th-23rd September, Gasworks Arts Park
A new play about truth and fake news from the talented folk at Wildefang Productions. #MakeTheNewsGreatAgain



Adam McKenzie – Laser Light
15th-22nd September (excl. Mondays), Lithuanian Club
A new stand-up show from 1/3 of Watson (who are a highlight of every Melbourne International Comedy Festival).  Featuring real and/or metaphorical lasers.



Tony Martin & Geraldine Quinn – CHILDPROOF: The Podcast
20th-22nd September, Bella Union
6 episodes of comedy podcast gold, recorded over three nights at the wonderful Bella Union.  With a brilliant cast of special guests – this is a series not to be missed.



Ghosts vs Skeletons
15th-17th & 22nd-24th September, Club Voltaire
Black comedy from one of my favourite people (and twitter feeds: follow @roseybish) about an unlikeable kids TV writer.  I saw Rose’s first solo show at Midsumma earlier in the year, and it was utterly hilarious – I expect this one will be even better.



21st September, Footscray Community Arts Centre
Stories from the people throughout history who stood next to the hero, but despite being stuck with the dirty work, never received quite the same level of recognition…



The First Annual (Doris to Insert) Festival
15th-23rd September (excl. Mondays), Club Voltaire
A tight-knit small-town community work together to put on their first ever festival – despite a bumbling mayor and diminishing budget.



Starting School
29th September, ArtPlay
A free dance event from DJ Andrew McClelland, Starting School is like Finishing School – but for kids!  Get their music education off to the right start with tunes from The Beatles, Pulp, The Smiths, and more!



16th September, Festival Club
Why are white men so defensive?  A collection of talented artists, writers and performers – including Candy Bowers, Victoria Chiu, Jess Knight and Nikki Tran – come together to poke at white fragility.  This is going to get messy.



I can personally vouch for every single one of the above shows – so please do head out for a night or two of the Melbourne Fringe Festival.  You won’t regret it*.

*Not a guarantee.  Also, please remember that all art and comedy is subjective, and that if you don’t like something that doesn’t necessarily make it bad.  Thank-you and goodnight.

All images via Melbourne Fringe.


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