Meet Rory!

My new MacBook Pro, Rory [right], pictured here with Glenn’s computer, Amy [left].

Just over a week ago, I received an upsetting phone call:  Simon, my trusty netbook, was dead.  After one year of university, and then three months studying and travelling around Europe, he’d finally had enough.  It was all quite sudden – one day he was working fine, the next he refused to operate Windows.  Thanks to the wonderful guys at Tecs, most of my data has been recovered.  But, unfortunately, due to issues with both the hard drive and the mainframe, Simon isn’t coming back.

Simon was a Toshiba NB200.  An ex-display model, that I picked up for around $400, he was lightweight and had a battery life of up to 9 hours – the perfect computer to take travelling.  The 10 inch screen was a little tiny for my liking, but I soon grew accustomed to its limitations.  Aside from a couple of software issues when I initially purchased him, I never had any major problems.  Up until this sudden death, it was an inexpensive option that I would have recommended to anyone.  That said, the operating system was a little annoying [Windows 7 “Starter Edition”, what more do I need to say?], and in order to run Skype [or any other large program], I needed to reset the graphics system to “classic”, and have the computer plugged in, or else it would run at a rather sluggish pace.

Simon’s death wasn’t all bad news, however, because it allowed me to finally justify the purchase of a MacBook Pro – something which I’d been entertaining the thought of for quite some time now.  This new, wonderful, shiny thing is the base model of the newest generation of 15 inch MacBook Pros [I think they came out just over a month ago].

I’ve decided to call him Rory.  That way, if he dies, it won’t be too much of a surprise, and I know he’ll come back.  It also implies that he’ll stay with me for 2000 years.  Somehow, I doubt he’ll last that long, but hopefully he’ll at least live a longer and more fulfilling life than Simon did.


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  • Chloe
    9 years ago


    Windows for life, man

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