Making a list and checking it twice.

Making a list and checking it twice.

Sitting inside our tent at the 2012/13 Falls Festival.
Sitting inside our tent at the 2012/13 Falls Festival.  It was a little bit messy.

Here’s a cheesy blog post opener… Christmas may be over, but I’m still busy making lists: packing lists.  Today I’m flying to Tassie, where I’ll be once again working at the wonderful Falls Music & Arts Festival.

At the very start of this year, I wrote a blog post containing a fairly thorough list of things that you may possibly want or need at a camping festival.  To this day, it’s my absolute most popular post, with three times more views than the next highest contender.  But as I was packing today, I couldn’t help but wonder whether it’s quite as comprehensive as it could be.

Whenever you pack for something, be it a long overseas trip or a three day camping festival, there are always things that you just don’t think to pack until you see someone else with them [glow sticks, for example] or you’re cold and wet and wondering why you never thought to check whether your boots were really waterproof.

Next year, when I get back from Falls, I’d like to update my camping festival packing list and make it better than ever.  This is where you come in.  I’d love for you to comment here with your camping festival essentials – no matter how obvious or ridiculously over-the-top they may be.  All suggestions are welcome, and I promise not to openly mock any of them.


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