“Lovely To Meet You”: The Day I Met Tim Rogers

“Lovely To Meet You”: The Day I Met Tim Rogers

Tim Rogers performing You Am I’s “Guys, Girls, Guitars” on Dancing About Architecture. This was also the first time I’d had  my name in the credits.

I kind of stumbled into my role on Dancing About Architecture.  You could say it all started on a sunny February day in 2009.  I’d just met The Fratellis, and excitedly rang my friend Kirsty to share my story.  She had her own news: Renegade Productions were beginning a new show on C31, and had asked if she would be a member of their crew.

The premise of the show was fascinating to me: a panel discussion of music criticism, hosted by Clem Bastow [whose Inpress column I’d been following for some time], with Mia Timpano [my favourite frankie staff writer] and Tim Finney.  I immediately asked Kirsty if I’d be able to come in to the studio to watch the show be taped.  She said she’d see what she could do.

The show began in March, a couple of weeks before I began work at Bella Union for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.  They were shooting live at the C31 studios [just down the road from Trades Hall], and I found myself dropping by most weeks to sit in amongst the tiny studio audience.

The final night of the Comedy Festival was insane.  After celebrating at Trades, I had the intention of leaving fairly early, catching the tram home, and getting a good night’s sleep before uni the next day.  Things didn’t particularly go to plan, though.  I said my goodbyes, and was walking out the door, when the DJ [the one and only Mr Andrew McClelland] decided to play “Chelsea Dagger” by The Fratellis.  I had to stay.  There was no other choice that could be made.  And if I stayed, then I had to go on to the official festival afterparty at the HiFi Bar.  It only made sense.

I had a great night, and partied right on through until the first tram home on Monday morning.  I didn’t drink, though, which in retrospect turned out to have been a very good decision.  I had a pretty full day at uni, and didn’t have any opportunity for rest.  Meanwhile, one of the Dancing About Architecture crew members couldn’t make it in to the studio that night, and I was asked if I could fill in [despite my limited studio experience].

I was exhausted, but this was an opportunity that I could not let slip.  Sure, I’d never done any camera work before, but I was a quick learner.  I’d be fine.

And I was.  So fine, in fact, that I was asked to crew again the following week.  As a rookie crew member, I knew nothing about each episode before turning up to the studio in the evening, and even then, I was generally just told to point my camera and Mia and leave it there.  Simple as that.

Each week, there was a live performance to end the show [known as the “One Mic Challenge” – partly due to the lack of audio equipment available in the studio].  For my second week behind the camera, this musical guest just happened to be Tim Rogers.

I was quite nervous, and hid myself in the control room when he arrived.  The other crew members weren’t particularly bothered – none of them were You Am I fans, and a couple didn’t even know who he was!

After we’d set up the cameras, we needed Mr Rogers to come into the studio for a soundcheck and quick run-through of his performance.  He was incredibly polite and pleasant.

“Hello, I’m Tim,” he extended a hand towards me, “And you are..?”
I prayed my palm wasn’t too clammy as I shook his hand;  “Britt.”
“Hi Britt, lovely to meet you.”

That was it.  A handshake, and exchange of names, and then a farewell at the end of the night.  But it was definitely lovely.  Lovely, indeed.

You can see the clip of Tim performing “Guys, Girls, Guitars” here. Be sure to take note of my impressive camera work.


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