Losing My Voice

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I’ve lost my voice.  Not physically – I can speak fine, but in a writing sense.  It’s like a strange version of writer’s block where I have all of the ideas in the world, but I just can’t express them.  I want to write.  And I can write.  I just can’t write well.  Every time I sit down at my computer and try to type something, it just doesn’t sound right.  I’m writing, but when I read it back, it doesn’t sound like I wrote it.  My voice isn’t there.

This has been going on for about a month now, and it’s becoming increasingly frustrating.  I’ve had so many things that I’ve been wanting to write, but I just haven’t been able to get them down properly.  Blog posts, screenplays, short stories – everything that I’ve written recently has just seemed wrong.  Even my twitter feed has suffered.

I’m cringing as I write this, because I know that it’s ridiculous.  But also because even now I can’t express myself properly.  Why does every second sentence contain the word ‘just’?  Why has it taken me hours to write a couple of nonsensical paragraphs?  If I know what I want to say, why can’t I express it?!

As with all types of writer’s block, I’m guessing that the only way to deal with this is to keep writing.  And I probably shouldn’t keep getting worked up about every single imperfection.  I don’t want to apologise for a sudden lack of quality here [firstly, because that would imply that everything I’ve published here previously has been of some incredibly high standard, and secondly because it’s an incredibly wanky thing to say], but I wanted to attempt to write about what I’m dealing with, and to ask for any advice that you may have.

I’ve lost my voice, and I’d really like to find it again.  But what if it never comes back?


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