LIVE REVIEW: Stereophonics – 15th April, Palace Theatre

LIVE REVIEW: Stereophonics – 15th April, Palace Theatre

There aren’t too many of the original Britpop bands still floating around, but Welsh rockers Stereophonics are still going strong.  Selling out the Palace, last Thursday they played to a crowd who appeared to be about 3/4 British [English/Welsh/Scottish] and maybe 1/4 Australian, judging by the roar  following charismatic [and tiny] singer Kelly Jones’ question of the crowd’s origin.  Welsh flags were everywhere, and there was even an odd Scottish one in the middle of the floor.

When it comes to music, the Brits are a proud and patriotic bunch, turning every tune into a giant singalong.  The setlist was a combination of old and new – a tricky balance for the band who are currently touring their seventh album – and was full of all the favourites, from “A Thousand Trees” to encores “The Bartender & the Thief” and “Dakota”.  Notable omissions, however, included my favourites, “My Own Worst Enemy” and “Traffic”, [the latter being a highlight of their Live in Dakota recording].

Keep Calm and Carry On, instructs their latest album title, taken from the WWII propaganda slogan, and that’s just what Kelly Jones intends to do.  Keep calm, and carry on churning out the hits.  And the brilliant live shows.



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