LIVE REVIEW: Pulp – Festival Hall, July 29th

LIVE REVIEW: Pulp – Festival Hall, July 29th

[Image courtesy of Leah Robertson at The Vine]

I’m standing at the front in a sold-out crowd at Festival Hall.  There is only a strong barrier, and about a metre or so of space between myself and the one and only Mr Jarvis Cocker.  He’s changed his shoes, loosened his tie and removed his jacket.  The song is “Disco 2000”.  He looks me in the eye, points, and sings “You were the first girl at school to get breats…”

Okay, so it’s not the line that I would have chosen for Jarvis to serenade me with.  But I’m watching Pulp – a band who I never thought I’d have the chance to see – and I really can’t afford to be fussy.

We lined up outside, then once we were let in we sat on the floor.  We waited through Belles Will Ring [again, ugh], and had a [fairly one-sided] conversation with a witty laser.  It showed us pictures of dolphins, and asked if we remembered the first time.

Do you remember the first time?  This was the first time – and probably the only time that I’d ever get to see Pulp, and it was every bit as memorable and amazing as I’d hoped that it would be.

Pulp would be nothing if it weren’t for Jarvis Cocker.  The man is enigmatic, charming, and strangely seductive.  He strutted and danced around the stage, playing up the audience’s every desire.  They played all the songs we wanted to hear.  “Underwear”, “Babies”, “Common People”, and my favourite, “This is Hardcore”.  The night ended with “Misshapes”, and although I wanted more, I was left with a feeling of satisfaction; I actually saw Pulp performing live.  And they were brilliant.


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