LIVE REVIEW: Plagiarism Begins at Home + Shaker Faker – Grace Darling Hotel, Dec 12th

LIVE REVIEW: Plagiarism Begins at Home + Shaker Faker – Grace Darling Hotel, Dec 12th

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Last night was warm and sticky, and the tiny little bandroom at Smith St’s Grace Darling Hotel was absolutely packed.  Normally, you wouldn’t expect such a crowd for a couple of cover bands, but if you’d seen the calibre of these performances, you’d understand.

The night began with Shaker Faker, an Oasis tribute complete with wigs – and, in “Laim”‘s case, a zipped-up military jacket.  Musically, they were tight.  The performance was suitably theatrical – “Laim” [whose name was misspelt on the badge he wore] enjoyed picking fights with random members of the audience, and when he decided to quit the band halfway through the night, “Noel” took on vocal duties and apologised for his brother’s unprofessional behaviour.  As an Oasis fan, I thoroughly enjoyed their set, although I was disappointed that [after almost complete lyrical perfection] it was “Wonderwall” of all songs where the worst lyric-fluffing occurred.

After such an entertaining support, headliners Plagiarism Begins at Home provided a performance that was a little subdued in comparison.  Rather than pretending to actually be The Smiths, they simply performed their music with surprising accuracy [particularly in terms of the Morrissey-like vocals].  As they’ve not performed together in a year or so, it was not too surprising that there were a few stuff-ups along the way, but due to the informal nature of the gig, and the fact that the audience were able to appreciate that the band were just fellow fans, these mistakes were instantly forgiven.

It was a fun night, full of dancing [yes – a rock show where people actually danced!] and drinking [because it was so bloody hot in there], and a lovely tribute to two of Manchester’s treasures.


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