LIVE REVIEW: Glasvegas + Belles Will Ring – The HiFi, July 25th

LIVE REVIEW: Glasvegas + Belles Will Ring – The HiFi, July 25th

Image via The List / For photos from the night, check out the Faster Louder gallery [which I couldn’t borrow from due to copyright reasons]

“What’s your favourite song?” James Allan asks someone in the front row.  His thick Scottish accent is difficult to understand, especially as he tends to mumble.  “It doesn’t have to be one of ours.”
“Supersonic,” comes the reply, prompting the band to begin an impromptu cover of the Oasis song.

It’s a cold July night, and Glasvegas are playing to a fairly packed [but not sold out] HiFi Bar.  They’re supported by Belles Will Ring, a jangly-sounding Australian band featuring some mediocre harmonies and a girl who didn’t seem to contribute anything except some uncoordinated dancing and, in one song, a bit of off-key flute.  The crowd are rowdy – I’m stuck in front of a bunch of drunks [on a Monday night, really?!] who insist on yelling out incorrect lyrics from “Stabbed” and “Go Square Go” during any quiet moment.

When James Allan takes the stage, he’s wearing his trademark sunglasses, with a white tracksuit, and he’s chewing gum [which he removes from his mouth, throws on the ground, and then steps in about a minute later].  They play a decent selection from both of their releases, but it’s the songs from their debut album that resonate with the crowd.  The third track of the night, “It’s My Own Cheating Heart That Makes Me Cry” has the frontman holding the microphone out into the audience, and watching in disbelief as this room full of people from the other side of the world sing all the words for him.  He appears humble [but still manages to come across as a bit of a wanker].

Glasvegas’ performance is strong, with the clear highlights of the night being early hits “Daddy’s Gone” and “Geraldine” [with an honourable mention to my favourite song of theirs, “Go Square Go”], while some of the slower-burning tracks from EUPHORIC /// HEARTBREAK \\\ left the crowd restless.  Overall, it was a good show, but now that I’ve seen Glasvegas live, I wouldn’t go out of my way to see them again.


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