LIVE REVIEW: Biffy Clyro – The HiFi, May 19th

Never before have I seen such a poor choice in support act. For a crowd who have been waiting for five months to see Biffy Clyro [they had to reschedule their January dates due to James needing a minor operation], having to wait through predominantly instrumental post-rock group These Hands Could Separate the Sky was a little bit much. That’s not to say that These Hands… weren’t any good, or even performed badly, just that nobody in the audience could really care less about them. They there to see the Biffy, and that was all.

But the wait paid off, with the shirtless Scottish rockers providing a frenetic and energetic set. Opening with “That Golden Rule” and “Living is a Problem Because Everything Dies”, the Biffy ensured to include equal portions from hit records Puzzle and Only Revolutions, while failing to neglect their older releases. “There’s No Such Thing as a Jaggy Snake” was a welcome inclusion, identifying the older Biffy fans, as did the brilliant “Justboy”. My favourite newer tracks were all there, with “Whorses” ending the main set, and “Cloud of Stink” opening the encore.

The standout of the evening had to be “Machines”; Simon Neil, an acoustic guitar, and the call and response lyrics igniting a singalong in the crowd: “Take the pieces and build them skywards.” After over ninety minutes of solid guitar, drums & bass, both crowd and band were left covered in sweat, high on the magnificence that is a tight and compelling live performance. Biffy Clyro are most certainly deserving of their title as one of the best live bands going round.

My interview with James should be broadcast on 1700 sometime next week – I’ll keep you posted. The setlist from the gig can be seen here.


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