LIVE REVIEW: BB Brunes – November 24th, L’Olympia, Paris

LIVE REVIEW: BB Brunes – November 24th, L’Olympia, Paris

I almost didn’t make it to this gig.  I booked the ticket sometime around May, knowing that I’d be in Paris by November.  As soon as Rachana was accepted for her exchange to Sciences Po, she bought a ticket for the same show.  I didn’t have my lecture schedule for the subject yet, but I was pretty sure I’d be safe with a Wednesday night.  Typically, I assumed wrongly.  When Sylvia gave us the itinerary, my heart fell – the Wednesday night was to be our second night lecture.  Damn.  Really not wanting to miss the show, I approached Sylvia on Tuesday night, and explained that I’d purchased the ticket months and months ago.  She said I could go, as long as I didn’t tell anyone.

Living in Melbourne, it’s quite hard to keep up with the French music scene, which I guess is why I was so surprised to see how young the crowd were.  It seems we’d chosen an all-ages gig, and apparently most BB Brunes fans are 15 year-old girls.  Many of whom were accompanied by their parents [and the occasional toddler].  One upside of this, however, was that the crowd were ridiculously short, and thanks to the elevated floor, Rachi and I could see quite well from the middle of the standing area.

In France, the support act is known as the 1ᵉ partie, and in this case, it was a group called Kaponz & Spinoza.  Little did I know at the time, but, as I later discovered on Wikipedia, this is actually the band of Jérémy Kapone, who played Maël in LOL – one of my favourite French films.  I really enjoyed their set [and now I understand why the crowd were quite so excited to see them].

Soon enough it was time for the band we’d all been waiting for: BB Brunes.  They began with “Peut-Etre Pas Cette Fois”, and it wasn’t long before we heard “Le Gang” and “Dis-Moi”.  A few of their newer songs are in English, but Adrien Gallo’s accent is pretty dreadful, which made it difficult to understand the lyrics [and what I managed to hear weren’t all that wonderful].

The highlight, for me, was my favourite BB Brunes song, “Britty Boy”, which had a live string accompaniment [and half-naked dancers].  A guest was invited out for the encore, but we missed his name, and he didn’t seem familiar.  But, then again, for all I know he’s probably a celebrated and well-respected French musician.

Overall, it was a great show.  The crowd, while young, were really responsive, and it was really fun to sing along in French [with a few lovely mondegreens, I’m sure].  At one point, a couple of the fathers in the crowd decided to embarrass their daughters with some enthusiastic dancing, which was rather amusing.  The only song that I was really disappointed to miss was “BB Baise” [of which the subject matter would have probably been a little inappropriate for the majority of the crowd, but then again, this is France we’re talking about].


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