Life without internet is hard (and other #firstworldproblems)

Life without internet is hard (and other #firstworldproblems)

I finally have internet, but it's bloody slow.  Takes me back to the good old dial-up days. [source]
I finally have internet, but it’s bloody slow. Takes me back to the good old dial-up days. [source]
Life without internet is hard.
I have been living in my new house for eighteen days, and have had working internet for four.  The two weeks before that were spent mooching off nearby friends, and playing GTA IV.  I wanted to read books, and watch films and do all of the things that people used to do before ADSL connections were commonplace, but I hadn’t finished unpacking and my books were still in boxes.

This is my first time living alone, and even though my house is small and full of furniture, it feels empty sometimes.  Throughout those first two weeks, I thought that having the internet would help with that, and although it might sound stupid, it actually has.

We live in this overly connected world, and while sometimes I enjoy being able to cut myself off, I have also grown to rely on the internet.  Not being able to check your emails is a bitch, especially when you’re waiting on an important reply.  It’s incredibly frustrating trying to write when you can’t research the facts behind the brilliant plot point that came to you in the shower.  And damn it, I like being able to check Facebook and Twitter whenever I damn well please.

Obviously, I’m not trying to say that it’s impossible to live without an internet connection, but I am incredibly grateful to be back online.  Now to catch up on two and a half weeks of international television…

In other news:
I cut my hair, or rather, paid somebody else to do so.
My Halloween costume is coming along nicely.  Not that I necessarily believe in celebrating Halloween – I just love a good costume party.
I’ve still got a few assignments to go until my course is over.  Forever.


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