Let’s Talk About Film: Iron Man 3


Before the Do You Know What I Mean? Superhero Trivia Special, I definitely did not consider myself to be an expert on superhero films.  After studying up, I may know a little more about them now, but I’m still quite the novice.  The first Marvel film I ever saw was last year’s The Avengers.  Since then I’ve taken a look at Captain America and the first Iron Man film.  But that doesn’t really put me in the position to comment with any authority on the film that I saw yesterday – Iron Man 3.

If you’re going to write about the third film in a specific franchise [well, fourth, if you consider The Avengers to be a part of the overall story], then I think that you should definitely have a decent knowledge of the universe in which it exists.  I don’t have this background knowledge.  Prior to seeing Iron Man 3 I didn’t feel as if I knew Tony Stark.  But now I do.

If anything, Iron Man 3 is a complex exploration of Stark’s character.  Yes, it’s also a clever and funny film, with plenty of action.  But it also spends a good amount of time dealing with who Tony is as a person, and how he’s coping after the events that took place in The Avengers [mild spoiler: not well].

I thoroughly enjoyed the film.  Like always, I found that a few of the SFX action sequences went on a bit too long – but that’s more of a comment on my tastes than the film itself.  And, as I’ve come to learn with all Marvel films, it is well worth staying in the cinema until the very end.  The post-credits sequence was simple, yet satisfying, and it tied in very well with the film’s narrative device.

That said, I’m not the right person to comment on whether or not this was a brilliant Marvel film.  From a non-fan’s perspective, it was well worth watching.  As for what the experts think, well, I’ll leave it up to them.

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  • 6 years ago

    There were some problems I had with the villains and development of some characters, a quick-fix to a seemingly dangerous situation and a plot twist that was underwhelming, but I still really enjoyed it nonetheless. Nice review Britt.

  • 6 years ago

    I’ve heard a few things about the Mandarin really disappointing fans of the comic book series, as the character has been completely reinterpreted for the sake of the film. Is this what bothered you about the villains? Because as a blind viewer with little knowledge of the Marvel comic book universe, I thought the film was clever, but having heard the other side of the story, I can definitely understand how people would be upset with what they did.

    In terms of the underwhelming plot twist, I’m curious as to which one you mean [but can’t quite describe them in a non-spoilery way]. Because there was a certain twist that bothered me greatly [involving Pepper], although it wasn’t so much a twist as an annoying predictable moment. Looking through your review of the film, I think you may have similar gripes to me in regards to the final ‘battle’ sequence.

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