Let’s get in to… #1. Adorable

Let’s get in to… #1. Adorable

Their name may be “Adorable”, but with those moody expressions they don’t really look it.

Sometimes it can be really difficult to get into a new band.  My notebooks and diaries are full of lists of bands that people have recommended to me, I honestly doubt I’ll ever make it through them all.  A couple of weeks ago, however, my friend Mr Andrew McClelland created a facebook group dedicated to just that: going through, one at a time, those bands that you’ve always intended to listen to, but never got around to doing so.

The first spotlight artist is Adorable, a British group from the early nineties.  Suffering from the dreaded second album syndrome, they never made it past their sophomore release.  Having listened to a few tracks posted by various group members, the first thing that struck me about their sound was how incredibly British it was.  They instantly reminded me of Suede.

Their big track was “Sunshine Smile”; it was their most successful release, hitting number 1 on the NME singles chart.  It’s a little bit shoegaze-y and a little bit britpop, and has a very familiar sound about it.  It really sounds like a product of early 90s England, which is exactly what it is.  That might be one of the reasons why they never maintained their popularity; the sound is quite unoriginal.  It’s good, but doesn’t have a unique quality to make it stand out amongst the other releases of the time.  That said, I really did enjoy the tracks that I listened to [although those from the first album were far superior to those from the second], and, while they’re nothing special, I’ll probably be adding some Adorable to my iTunes at some point in the future.



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