Let me tell you about the time I sang a duet with Adam Hills [part 2]

Let me tell you about the time I sang a duet with Adam Hills [part 2]

Previously in my life:  I went to a cult-like comedy thing, but one week they asked me for ID and I had to sit outside on a chair.  Because of this, I made friends became acquaintances with comedians Adam Hills [Hillsy] & Adam Rozenbachs [Rozie].

This is the bit where the duet happens.  Also, I don’t know who took this photo.  I think I found it some time ago on the Adam Hills hosts trial shows at Nectar Lounge Facebook group.

Over the next year, I did many things.  This included visiting French beaches, going on a Contiki tour, and visiting the BBC studios [where I watched people building the set for Strictly Come Dancing].  I also happened to run into Adam Hills in Brighton [England] during the Brighton Comedy Festival.  My father [who was visiting me in the UK] was rather impressed when this man from the television greeted me by name.  I’ll admit, I was pretty chuffed, too.

By the time 2008 came around, I was back in Australia, and had formed a band with my friends Emily and Rachana.  We called ourselves Jasper Street [it’s a Press Gang reference].  Over summer, I caught up with Alana, who I’d met in the line for The Aussie OC [Don’t Call it That] finale – and she decided that the two of us could form a band, too.  The name The Overkills was inspired by the Men at Work song “Overkill”.  Now, the difference between these two bands is that Jasper Street actually rehearsed together [well, we tried to, but most of the time we found ourselves writing lists of songs that we’d like to cover, rather than actually trying to cover them], while The Overkills apparently existed, but never actually played anything.

Meanwhile, Hillsy and Rozie decided to bring the trial shows back, and as 6 Links had changed its name to the Nectar Lounge, the nights were christened “Adams’ Nectar”.  During the second week, Alana piped up that last year’s trial shows were responsible for the formation of The Overkills.  Hillsy was intrigued by this, and asked if we’d like to perform the next week.  Seeing as we’d never actually played together, I asked if Jasper Street could play instead.  At least we had a repertoire.  Well, we could stumble our way through a couple of songs.

From Hillsy’s blog:

The show began with a welcome to now-legal Britt, who introduced us to her friends and bandmates. Seems Britt is in two separate bands called Overkill [sic] and Jasper St. I suggested they play a live song for us next week, to which Britt replied they only know two songs – one of which is 9 Crimes by Damien Rice. They then agreed to play that song, but only if I provide the male part of the duet. I of course agreed, which set the first challenge for next week’s show.

So The Overkills and Jasper Street combined to become Overkill on Jasper Street, for a one-off performance at a comedy show.  Hillsy arranged to come an hour early the following week so that we could have a couple of run-throughs.  The rest of us met up a little earlier on the Sunday, and spent most of our rehearsal time trying to work out how to fit our [borrowed] drum kit into our friendly roadie Alice’s car.

We arrived at the venue about an hour and a half early, and the doors were locked.  Alana rang the manager to let us in, and he seemed rather annoyed; apparently they didn’t have a license for live music.  Still, when we explained that it was a part of the comedy show, we were let in, and set about setting everything up.  Soon people began to trickle in, but Hillsy wasn’t there yet.  By the time he did rock up, the show was due to begin in under fifteen minutes, and there was a pretty big audience waiting for it to begin.  We weren’t going to have a chance to rehearse.

Once again, I’ll turn to Hillsy’s blog to explain what happened next:

Last nights’ [sic] show kicked off with Britt’s bands “Overkill on Jasper Street” performing the Damien Rice song 9 Crimes with me as the guest vocalist, and in all false modesty – I think we did alright. Britt, it turns out, has a great voice, and even without any rehearsal, we managed to put together a decent rendition.


Oh, would you like to see the video?



  • 8 years ago

    This is a really seriously excellent story. Ten points.

  • 8 years ago

    @ Alex: Thanks! I can’t believe it all happened so long ago… Well, more than three years ago, now, which seems like a long time.

  • 8 years ago

    That is a story for the ages! Well written too.

  • 8 years ago

    @ Isaac: Merci beaucoup!

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