LAUGH, YOU IDIOTS! – My top picks for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival so far…

LAUGH, YOU IDIOTS! – My top picks for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival so far…

The following are just some of the shows that I have seen in the last week. I wanted to write about all of the shows, but I have seen seven so far, and I’m seeing another four tonight and it’s just not possible to see this much comedy and work and sleep and somehow rock up to uni and breathe… but damn it, I’m going to make it work somehow.

Anyway, here are some recommendations.

Milton Jones
If you like your comedy full of puns with a side of the absurd: Milton Jones.
You may recognise him as one of the weirder regulars on Mock the Week, always wearing a hideously colourful shirt to accompany his crazy hair. Milton is brilliant at delivering deadpan one-liners, firing one joke after another without missing a beat (except for when he ‘skips a bit’). I was in fits of laughter at his first show last week, and I implore you to go see him right now. This very second. I don’t care if his show isn’t on for another twelve hours – JUST GO, GODDAMN YOU! [link]

Victoria Healy jpg
If you want to hear jokes about Tinder and other ‘young person’ things: Victoria Healy.
When I saw Vic at the Imperial on Saturday, a decent portion of her crowd was in the over-60s demographic. But despite a lot of her material going way over their heads, she still managed to charm them. Lots of laughs for under $20. How could you go wrong? [link]

fancy crab
If you are a comedian/dating a comedian/friends with a comedian/stalking a comedian/someone who goes to a lot of local comedy nights: The Fancy Boy Variety Show.
This image has nothing to do with the show; I just really wanted to post a photo of a crab with a top hat. So fancy! Anyway, the less you know before seeing the Fancy Boy Variety Show, the better. I wouldn’t want to spoil a thing in this review. All I will say, however, is that it’s a show for people who go to a lot of comedy nights. Last night, the audience was made up of probably 75% comedy performers (with some fairly big names in the crowd), and they were all absolutely pissing themselves. But if you tend to only see shows at festival time, then this probably is not the show for you. Also, there are no refunds. [link]

Images from the MICF website, except for Fancy Crab, which I found on imgur.


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