• 10 years ago

    For my part, I’m utterly confused about the Sam situation. On one hand, I agree with you—Gene is guilty of something and it might be causing Sam Tyler’s death. On the other, Sam may have done something wrong and Gene is guilty only of covering it up to save Sam’s reputation.

    Frankly, I’m devoting way too much of my time to a TV show that BBC America won’t even show.

  • Jake
    10 years ago

    My personal little theory is that Sam is not dead but that his death was “staged” to allow him undercover and to clear the Met of the corrupt officers and is where Gene gets things like the “bank statements” of corrupt officers.

  • Lorraine
    10 years ago

    I think the only thing Gene is guilty of is keeping his team together. I think sam died in the real world from his injuries from leaping off a building. Therefore if he died in 2007 he would’nt have a body to leave behind in 1980. I also think that this is Gene’s power to keep Coma victim’s in his world and stop them returning. He Shot Alex and she went into a coma when she was really on her way home so to prevent her from leaving he kept her there. I actually think this series has Alex in a coma within a Coma and this is possibly why she hasnt heard from Molly. Or just that this is what happens to them all they start forgetting where they came from therefore take on the new lives that Gene’s world has created for them. Keat’s is another Coma victim from the future that possibly knows about all the others and is trying to prove that Gene is killing them by keeping them there. Maybe others have came back from their coma’s to tell the tale of Gene Hunt.

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