• 10 years ago

    Will definitely be interesting to hear the rest of the album!

    I do like this single though, and the video is pretty darn cute. New albums are always a bitch though- sometimes too much of the same is boring, but too much change can be hard to adjust to. I guess in this case, it’s been a good few years, so it’s not all that surprising that she’s creating something a bit different.

    Anyway, lovely post! Am quite excited for more Kate, and also interested in hearing her boyfriend’s contributions on the b-side!

  • 10 years ago

    I agree – this single is adorable; just the kind of indie twee that made me like her in the first place. I am a little scared, though, of just what this new riot grrrl phase means for her music. Bikini Kill were amazing, but I’d never expect Kate Nash to be listing them as one of her influences.

    Different is good, but exactly how different has she decided to be? And is she still going to sing about eating so many lemons because she is so bitt-ah?

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