INTERVIEW: Ramona Magazine for Girls

INTERVIEW: Ramona Magazine for Girls

Ramona Magazine is a feminist publication for teenage girls, and right now they need your help to fund their second print issue. I spoke to co-founder Freya about the cause.

How was Ramona born?
Ramona was born from frustration and anger with the mainstream media and how they treat teenage girls. I have always wanted to start a magazine since i was a teen myself, but obviously it’s a very big project. I was getting really angry at the way women are objectified I thought instead of being angry, I should do something! I contacted a bunch of amazing women about my idea and had a great response. The woman who was most interested was Sophie and from there we worked together side by side. We definitely developed the whole idea together and I don’t think Ramona would exist if I hadn’t had Sophie!

What sets it apart from other publications aimed towards teenagers and young adults?
The main difference between us and other teen publications is the content. We aim to treat girls like the smart, worthy humans they are. We don’t dumb things down, we don’t try to talk in “teen language” and we write about important topics that are relevant to the girls themselves; not the boys they like, not the clothes they SHOULD wear but how they can make the most of their lives!

Why is it so important to foster feminist thought from a young age?
I think feminism is such an important topic, especially inter-sectional feminism! The history (or herstory) behind feminism needs to be taught at school because every other part of history is literally that HIS STORY. It’s important to foster it at a young age so then we don’t face misconceptions and bigotry later in life.

Ramona encourages young women to submit their own creative works – what are some of your favourite/some of the more remarkable submissions?
We get such wonderful submissions from all over the world from teens. I don’t have one favourite but the ones that really stand out are girls sharing their experiences to benefit others. Shared experiences help us all feel less alone and like we are ‘weirdos’ or ‘abnormal’.

Ramona Quimby [image via TV Tropes]
One of my favourite characters as a child was Beverly Cleary’s Ramona Quimby. Was she in any way an inspiration for the name?
YES! She is my absolute favourite character of all time! My co-editor Sophie actually thought of the idea because she knew how much I LOVED Ramona Quimby! Ramona is such a cool character! SHe is messy and chaotic but doing her best. She is brave but anxious. I love her!

You’re currently raising money for the print launch of Ramona issue #2 through a Pozible campaign. Why is crowdfunding so important to independent publications?
We simply wouldn’t be able to do what we do without crowd-funding. It also helps spread the word and let people be involved in what we do. We want to remain as independent as we can, so we need the support of the public!

If people want to get involved with Ramona, what can they do?
Check out our site, share it with teens and people who might be interested, submit creative work! We love hearing from everyone!

If you’d like to help fund the publication of Ramona issue #2, read more about their Pozible campaign here.

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