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*Yes, I’m loving lame pun-based post titles at the moment.  This may just be a phase.

In Paris with Edi, November 2011

You may have noticed that things have been a little quiet around here of late.  There are a few reasons for this [including an exciting new project that Glenn and I have been working on – hopefully I’ll be able to reveal more about that over the coming weeks], but the main one is that I’ve started an internship with a website called My French Life™.

My French Life™ [or Ma Vie Française™] is an online community of francophones and francophiles.  The online magazine publishes articles about France and all things French, but with a sense of humour [and without rose-coloured glasses].  I’m working as a writer and editor [and part-time tech support], and I’ll also be producing a short web-based documentary series about the lives of French natives in Melbourne.  Speaking of which, if you know any French people who’d like to be interviewed – in French or English, whatever they prefer – please get in touch with me at

I’m lucky to be doing this through Melbourne Uni’s brand new Arts Internship program.  However, as this is the first semester in which the subject is being offered, I feel like a bit of a guinea pig.  There are a lot of limitations around dates and hours [the internship must take place between weeks 4 & 12 of semester, and is only worth one unit], and the lack of flexibility is something that many companies would not appreciate.  I’m lucky to have found a position so quickly, but others are having great difficulty securing a placement.  If companies are looking for an intern, then they want someone who is able to fit their needs; someone who can work the dates and hours that are required.  With the rigidity of the Melbourne Uni program, it’s likely that companies would pass over our candidates for someone with a little more flexibility.  Hopefully the Arts faculty will take some cues from other universities, and in the future offer internship opportunities that can be undertaken outside of the constraints of the academic calendar.

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