I won’t let the weather steal all of my thunder.

I won’t let the weather steal all of my thunder.

Gil Elvgren, Low Down Feelings, Oil on Canvas [image via Huffington Post]
Gil Elvgren – ‘Low Down Feelings’
Image via Huffington Post.
The weather is a mundane topic of conversation at the best of times, but this recent change in climate has caused me such distress that I can’t ignore it. Last week I went to bed with a wheat bag and woollen blanket to keep me from freezing, and woke up to sunshine and warmth begging me to show a bit of skin. 30+ degree days at the beginning of October can be a shock to your system.
The worst thing about this sudden shift from winter into summer (aside from the need to wear waterproof mascara so that my sweat doesn’t make it run down my cheeks as if I’d been crying), is that I’ve had no chance to ease myself into a casual hair-removal routine. The insulating fluff on my legs – which I’ve needed, in order to stay alive through these frosty mornings – is too thick for a quick once over. But suddenly the sun’s out, and I’ve all these dresses to wear while I hide in the shade and try to fool myself into thinking that a cool change is right around the corner.
And so comes a new series of decisions to make: do I wax, shave, use one of those weird creams that somehow dissolve the hair right off of your skin? I once tried a sandpaper-like mit from an infomercial that was supposed to make the hair melt away (spoiler: it didn’t). Or do I just say fuck it, and bare my hairy pins with pride? After all, why should societal expectations dictate my beauty routine?
Alas, in this particular case, vanity and aesthetics win out. The warm weather calls for shorts and dresses and shiny, hairless legs. Who am I to fight it?
I don’t like summer days, squirming in sweaty discomfort, dizzying heat and the fear of dehydration. But as I sit here, in an uncomfortable camping chair, on my teeny-tiny balcony on this unseasonably warm October evening, I’m reminded that I do not necessarily hate summer nights. There’s no sun to hide from; no fear of getting burnt. Give me a cold beer, the right soundtrack, good company (or a good book), and if it’s dark enough, I can even put off shaving my legs for another day or two…




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