I use the NME, I use anarchy

I use the NME, I use anarchy

“Introducing the new NME / NEW LOOK / NEW CONTENT / NEW NME

Last week saw the launch of the new-look NME.  Due out in Australian stores next week [we’re generally about a week and a half to two weeks behind], the magazine has a new editor, and to mark the occasion, they’ve undergone a bit of a makeover.

The new look is cleaner, and I don’t mind the new logo – it’s not too drastic a change.  The cover seems less cluttered and more sophisticated.

It’s the new content that I’m worried about.  What was wrong with the old content?  I don’t think there was anything really lacking, and I always found it a great read from cover to cover.  As the magazine isn’t available over here yet, I’m yet to peek at the pages, but I have recently noticed an abundance of movie-related news over on the website, I am a little concerned.

NME is first and foremost a music magazine.  Occasionally they’ll include articles about television, but generally these have a music twist.  Two examples I can think of are The Mighty Boosh – who have some musical content in their shows, and Skins, the soundtrack of which was the focus of the article, and has been greatly influential.  Articles about music-related movies and movie soundtracks are fine, but I don’t want to see anything else.

Hopefully I’m worrying over nothing, and the change in content will be minimal.  I’ll just have to wait and see next week!  [Just like I’ll have to wait and see which of the 10 different covers will be available in Australian stores – I hope I can get Florence!].



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