I GOT WOOD – A quick, cheap and easy Shaun of the Dead-inspired costume for a zombie pub crawl.

I GOT WOOD – A quick, cheap and easy Shaun of the Dead-inspired costume for a zombie pub crawl.


It’s impossible to refuse an invitation to a zombie pub crawl, but when you’ve got familial obligations in the evening, sometimes you need to come up with an alternative to all-out zombification.  This is the problem that Glenn and I faced yesterday.  Zombie pub crawl in the afternoon, followed by a fancy party.  What do you do?  Well, we looked to these guys for inspiration…


…and came up with some very easy costumes that didn’t look at all out of place, considering that we were surrounded by zombies at the pub.  The Edinburgh Castle and The Penny Black are no substitute for The Winchester, but with a pint in hand, my look was complete.

sotd3[I apologise for the dodgy “after” photo.  I forgot to take one of those before wearing the shirt.]

Supplies used: T-Shirt ($2 from a shop at DFO), laundry marker/fabric pen ($3 from the supermarket), old box of crayons, greylead pencil (optional), hair straigtener/iron (optional), and red nail polish.  Total cost (excluding items I already owned): $5.

How I did it:
+ Firstly, I tried on the t-shirt, and used the pencil to mark where I wanted the design to go.  This step is optional, but I’ve omitted it too many times in the past, and ended up with some dodgy looking shirts.
+ Then I outlined the letters with the laundry marker, using this picture as a vague reference.  I did this freehand, but you could probably print the design, and trace it through the t-shirt.
+ Next, I coloured in the design with the crayons, and drew the trees in the background.  After this step, I used a foil-covered hair straightener (in place of an iron) to “set” the design.  This isn’t necessary, but it did make the “wood” look better.  On the other hand, it also made the white crayon (that I used for the trees) disappear, so I had to redraw the background.
+ Finally, I splattered the shirt with red nail polish, to give it the perfect blood-stained finish.

The whole process took just under an hour, and although it’s far from perfect, I was pretty pleased with the results.  The zombies, on the other hand…


…they didn’t stand a chance.

Shaun of the Dead image from here.


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