I finished my second draft. Huzzah.

I finished my second draft. Huzzah.

while i was goneGarbage fan get-together // the lovely sky that kept distracting me while I was writing on Monday.

It’s been a ridiculously busy time in the land of Boots.  In my last blog post, I announced that I’d be hiding from the internet in order to complete my screenplay without any distractions.  This proved to be nearly impossible.  Over the past week and a half, in no particular order, I’ve:
+ Spent a weekend at a house in the country, with no internet or phone.
+ Seen the King Kong stage musical, which I rather enjoyed.  The eclectic musical numbers were a little jarring at times, and I wasn’t too fond of the staging for the Skull Island scenes, however the Kong puppet was incredible and the absolute highlight of the show.
+ Spent a day working at Revolver Creative – which I’ll be posting about later in the week.
+ Bought myself a ticket to see Miranda Hart perform in Melbourne next year.
+ Started to move into my new house.
+ Caught up with a couple of awesome Garbage fans [who I first met during the Not Your Kind of People tour earlier this year] for beer and burgers.
+ Attended Songs for Europe and Shut Up and Dance 5 at the Melbourne Fringe Festival.
+ Completed a three and a half day screenwriting masterclass taught by Ellen Sandler, and met a whole bunch of interesting and clever creative types.
+ Met up with a bunch of writers for cheap beer at Thousand Pound Bend.
+ Announced next week’s Breaking Bad trivia special.
… and finished the second draft of my script.

I don’t quite know what I’m feeling right now – is it relief?  An overwhelming sense of achievement?  Or, as I suspect, sheer exhaustion?  Maybe it’s a combination of all three.  All I know is that I’m going to reward myself with a nice cold cider, and an early night.  Hopefully I’ll be ready to face the world in the morning.  Or at least sometime next week.


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