I can’t help it when my Tin Lids CD is gone

I can’t help it when my Tin Lids CD is gone

While doing a little bit of research for tomorrow night’s episode of 1700, where Jack & Cassie will be talking about the Barnes family, I came across this clip of Jimmy Barnes’ early 90s hit, “When Your Love is Gone”, featuring his kids [then known as the Tin Lids] on backing vocals.

I know that admitting my fondness for Barnsey [and Chisel] is not going to do any favours for my music credibility, but I can’t help it.  I grew up listening to Triple M in a household that really appreciated Aussie rock.  Criticise it all you want, but you have to admit that the man has a pretty decent set of pipes.  And those kids were adorable.

The Tin Lids released three albums, of which I used to own one: Hey Rudolph! It was a Christmas album, featuring some popular carols, as well as a couple of original tracks.  My favourite was “If Santa Forgets”.  Mum gave away the CD about ten years ago, and it’s one of those things that I’ll never let her forget.  I’ve been trying to find it in op shops ever since, to no avail.  However, I’ve just discovered that it’s available on iTunes, so guess what I’m going to buy tonight.  It’s not quite the same, though.


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