Homebake Festival Postponed

The view from the ferris wheel at Homebake 2008

Today it was announced that Sydney’s all-Aussie Homebake Festival will be taking the year off for 2010, but will be back and better than ever for 2011.  Here’s the official statement:

Whilst this past weekend witnessed a state of political confusion, we concur that we’ve certainly had our fair share as well. That said and with such a plethora of festival announcements of late, we’ve decided to go against the grain and as such – after much deliberation (& some procrastination) – we here at Homebake festival HQ have decided to take a break and postpone Homebake Music, Film & Arts Festival for this year only, 2010.

As we’ve not been able to have the ‘planets align’ to a standard we feel appropriate to the long
standing reputation of Australia’s largest ‘locals only’ event, we’d rather focus on a positive future and
are instead planning for a unique return version of Homebake Festival to take place during the first week of December 2011.

The intention is for Homebake to return proverbially ‘bigger and better’ than ever, incorporating
even more facets of the antipodean arts industries & with special incentives in place for the few generations of thousands of loyal Homebake devotees whom have attended over the past 15 years.

We ask you to stay tuned for now as we commence preparations for what will be the 16th Edition – Homebake Music, Film & Arts Festival, 2011.

Huge thanks for your patience & we’re looking forward to have you all join us to celebrate in 2011.

Homebake Festival HQ

I’d like to think that the reason they’ve decided to take a year off is because I won’t be there.  I know this isn’t the case, but I’ll be missing quite a few good festivals while in Europe, and I’m a little relieved that this won’t be one of them.  Homebake’s always a great festival, celebrating a diverse range of local talent.  It’ll be back and better than ever next year, and I’ll be there for sure.  You should come along, too.


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