HOLIDAY READING // Headlines – January 6th 2012

HOLIDAY READING // Headlines – January 6th 2012

You’ve probably noticed that I haven’t published a “headlines” post in quite some time.  That doesn’t mean, however, that I have stopped collecting links to articles and other interesting things that may [or may not] tickle your fancy.  So, here you have a super-magnicifent-bumper-edition, full of fascinating little things to keep you busy during the summer holidays [or at least, the next couple of hours].  Here goes…

Arctic Monkeys – “Cornerstone”.
I saw these guys play at Falls and again on Tuesday night. They didn’t play this song, however, so I’ve been watching this fairly decent quality YouTube clip over and over again, in hope that I will one day get over it. Let’s be honest, though: I probably won’t.

Doctor Who fans with a bit of time on your hands, click here.
I’m not quite sure what the purpose of it is, but somebody linked to it on tumblr this one time, and ever since I tend to find myself clicking back whenever I’m stuck on a long/boring phone call.
The Tokidoki Barbie Doll.
Proof that you’re never too old for Barbies.  Seriously.  It’s a pity she’s sold out.
Simon Neil: “I kept getting mistaken for Dave Grohl” [via NME].
“We’re not very popular in America – the amount of times I’d be walking into the gig and it’s like, ‘Dave! Dave!’ So I’m gonna cut my hair and my beard pretty soon, so that doesn’t happen again. I don’t have the winning smile though.”
The Writers Victoria 2012 Program has been released [via Time Out].
I’m looking at some of the Tuesday Tutorials, as well as the Writing for the Web program
Jen Campbell: Weird Things Customers Say in Bookshops.
“Customer: Excuse me, do you have any signed copies of Shakespeare plays?
Me: Er… do you mean signed by the people who performed the play?
Customer: No, I mean signed by William Shakespeare.
Me: …..*headdesk*”
A couple of months ago, Alex wrote a post that incited some discussion.
Since I read it, I’ve spent a bit of time trying to come up with a worthy response.  I’ve not quite settled on an opinion yet, but it’s certainly had me thinking about what should and shouldn’t be appropriate in the world of comedy.  Thoughts?
A List of “Don’ts” for Women on Bicycles Circa 1895.
I don’t ride a bicycle, but still rather enjoyed this list of guidelines. “Don’t ask, “What do you think of my bloomers?”” – Really? But what if they’re really awesome bloomers?
BEST COSPLAY EVER [and yes, it really is worthy of capslock abuse].
The Daria and Jane picture from the top of this article is the most amazing piece of cosplay that I have ever seen.  Just, wow.
The Guitar Pick Punch [ie. what I wish someone had given me for Christmas, even though I don’t really play guitar that much anymore].
This amazingly simple invention turns credit cards [and other things] into guitar picks.  So easy, yet so awesome.
Arthur Recreates Scenes from Classic Movies.
Those of you who use RSS readers, subscribe to this blog RIGHT NOW.  Everyone else, chuck it in your bookmarks, or instapaper [if that’s your kind of thing].  I’m not generally the kind of person who gets all OMGbabiessocute!!11, but these photographs of Arthur really are adorable.  Trust me.
The NME Cool List: A Beginner’s Guide [via The Guardian].
I’m the first person to admit that I’m not cool.  And when the NME 2011 Cool List was published, I was quite grateful to this guide, to help shed some light on the 5 members of the top 10 who I had definitely never heard of before [ie. those who aren’t Jarvis Cocker or members of Kasabian, Hurts or Arctic Monkeys].
Nar Nar Goon – a card for the trashy Melbourne resident.
From a blog for people who like crafty things, markets, and Melbourne.
Anna Pickard: “Why is the idea of online friendships still treated with such disdain?” [via The Guardian].
This is a brilliant opinion piece, that highlights some excellent points: not everyone on the internet is a paedophile or creepy pervert.  In fact, for the most part, they’re people like you and me.  I’ve met some of my best friends through the internet, and I’m certainly not ashamed to admit it.  If you’ve got a problem with that, then what the hell are you doing on my website?
Black & White for Halloween.
The first time I was linked to Here’s Looking at Me, Kid, I dismissed it as yet another vintage fashion blog.  However, there is a little more to Amanda’s blog than I initially thought.  She’s also a fan of old movies, which inspired this amazing Halloween costume.  These are colour photos, yet Amanda’s costume [skin, hair, everything] is completely greyscale.
This excerpt from Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling was enough to make me order a copy on Amazon right away.
Why? Because I was an angsty teenage girl once, and it’s something that you never quite recover from.
BBC axed Doctor Who Confidential, and even Steven Moffatt thinks it’s a bloody stupid decision [via NME].
“It seems hard to grasp. All shows have their time, and all shows end, but not, in all sanity, while people still watch and love them. I’m not supposed to say it, but I’m going to say it anyway: bad day, bad decision.” I love DWC, and really do hope that they choose to bring it back.  Please, BBC.  Please.


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