Hipster Signoff

Once upon a time, there was an anonymous online persona, known only to the world as “Carles”.  Feeling that he needed validation from the masses, he began a blog that can only be described as “full of wank”, known as Hipster Runoff [or HRO, for short].

This blog, which may have started off as some sort of parody, quickly gained notoriety.  Full of posts about music and film and other forms of pop culture, Carles had no regard for spelling or grammar, and enjoyed decorating his pages with brightly coloured gifs in the name of irony.  The whole thing has echoes of Nathan Barley about it.

This morning, [or last night in the US], Carles posted that Hipster Runoff was over.  Dead.  Finished.  I was overjoyed.  Whether it was written to please or mock the masses [I really can’t tell], such a poorly-composed piece of drivel has no place in the blogosphere.  Okay, maybe I can’t dictate what should or shouldn’t be on the internet, but at least, Hipster Runoff is completely undeserving of all the praise and attention that it has received.

Unfortunately my relief was shortlived.  Turns out the whole “retirement” was nothing other than an attention-grabbing scam.  And it worked, too.  I never would have clicked through, if the twitter link hadn’t promised that the site was dead.  Bloody Carles tricked me.   Stupid hipster scum.


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