Hello Clara.

jenna_2423098bI desperately want to cosplay as either governess or barmaid Clara.  Or possibly both.  [Image from The Telegraph]

Spoilers for the Doctor Who Christmas Special lurk below the jump.  Enter at your own risk.

Since her appearance in “Asylum of the Daleks” as the exceptionally clever Oswin Oswald, I’ve been quite excited about the addition of Jenna Louise Coleman to the Doctor Who cast – and in this year’s Christmas special, she has somehow exceeded every single one of my expectations.

This year, it looks like we’ll be getting one clearly defined season arc: who is Clara, and why does she keep meeting the Doctor and then dying? We know that she’s clever, and enjoys making soufflés – but that’s about it, really.  Now we have a very intriguing mystery for the Doctor [and the audience] to solve.

Last season things got a little too complicated [I think Moffat was overexcited, and got ahead of himself a bit], so it’s good to see that things are changing this year.  I’m also excited to see the Doctor working with more alien creatures.  We’ve been seeing too many humans [and whatever River is] lately, with extraterrestrial beings shunned to the role of the villain.  Madame Vastra, Jenny, and the wonderfully comedic Strax, were all welcome allies for the depressed Doctor.

In terms of the actual storyline, I didn’t find the snowmen as scary as I’d hoped – but aside from that, I wasn’t disappointed.  The Doctor’s turn “impersonating” Sherlock Holmes was a nice nod to all the fangirls who’ve been begging for Benedict Cumberbatch to make an appearance [come on people, a Sherlock/Doctor Who crossover DOES NOT NEED TO HAPPEN].  I do love when Moffat teases his fans.

“The Snowmen” was great preview of what is to come in next year’s 50th anniversary celebrations, and I really cannot wait to see what comes next.


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