Hello 2013.


The new year is upon us, and instead of looking back at the year just passed, I’d like to take this opportunity to look forward at the year to come.  In 2013 I will finish my screenwriting course, and hopefully get a job out of it.  I’ll fly to New Zealand for the first time to see my favourite band perform.  I’ll actually see Garbage play a total of six times, which should be pretty awesome.  I’ve got quite a few other gigs lined up already, including Weezer and Elvis Costello.  Hopefully I’ll have the opportunity to DJ at Finishing School once or twice, and Glenn and I will keep running trivia at The Curtin.  We might even be brave enough to hold another Harry Potter special [but I’m not making any promises about that just yet].

If I keep at it, this year I’ll finish writing my first feature-length screenplay.  I’ll have the opportunity to do a work placement in a real television writers’ room.  Perhaps I’ll develop a proper writing routine, and actually spend part of my time each day sitting at my desk.  Or on my bed, or at the library.  As long as I’m writing, it doesn’t really matter where.

I’ll continue to attend and volunteer at all sorts of festivals.  And hopefully I’ll be able to work on my dressmaking skills, in order to cosplay as the wonderful Clara Oswin Oswald.

2013 should be a year full of new chances and opportunities.  And if last year was anything to go by, it’s going to be bloody brilliant.


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