Headlines – October 7th

Florence + the Machine – “Shake it Out”


[Even] new[er] Flo: “Shake it Out”.
“What the Water Gave Me” didn’t quite hit me in the way I’d hoped – but not all hope is lost, as Flo & co have released another single from the new album, and “Shake it Out” is everything that “What the Water Gave Me” wasn’t: catchy, energetic, and brilliant. The audio was released a couple of weeks ago [I wrote a little thing on my tumblr about it], but we got our first glimpse of the clip this week.

Speaking of new music, Ned Collette is back.
He’ll be playing a one-off show at the Toff in Town on October 29th.  Will I see you there?  [PS. Click the above link for a sneak preview of his newest tunes].

Doctor Doubles [tumblr post of the week].
All I really have to say about this one is that I adore Rory.  That is all.

David Tennant singing “I’m Gonna Be [500 Miles]” with The Proclaimers.
From an old episode of Doctor Who Confidential.

Alex has been blogging about TiNA and NYWF all week.
She’s making me quite jealous – I wish I could be there!  Next year, I promise I’ll make the trip.

Finally, there have been many wonderful tributes to Steve Jobs popping up all over the web.
I can’t link to them all, but this piece by Stephen Fry is quite lovely, as is this tumblr post.  I don’t think anybody can deny how much Steve Jobs has influenced and changed the technological world.  He’ll certainly be missed.


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