Headlines – May 7th

For those of you who, like me, have been living under a rock this past week [mine, thankfully, had internet access], here’s a short guide to what you’ve missed:

Doctor Who – a beginner’s guide from Paul Verhoeven at TheVine
A concise, yet thorough introduction to the Doctor. One stand-out error, however: it’s TARDIS, not Tardis.

The Logies happened. Clem Bastow summed them up nicely: We don’t care
The best part of the Logies: Shaun Micallef’s acceptance speech. The worst part: everything else.

A track-by-track reflection on The White Stripes’ Elephant by the lovely Robyn
Key excerpt: “This eight minute monster is a seriously sexy sounding number”.

QI started filming again on Tuesday, however both Stephen Fry & Alan Davies were more concerned about the World Snooker finals
…which were apparently won by an Australian. Well, there you go.

Mark Watson: Mr Motivator
I don’t really like motivational advice, but when it’s coming from somebody like the lovely Mark Watson, I’m willing to consider taking some of it on board. [Note to self: must stop using the term “lovely”].

Speaking of which, I signed up for the TYSIC
[Ten Year Self-Improvement Challenge]. My profile is here.

Tony Martin on television deaths
If you don’t already read The Scrivener’s Fancy, do it now. NOW.

Russell Kane meets Shakespeare
Not really, but it’s an amusing read. And I like Russell Kane. Check out the review I gave him during the Melbourne International Comedy Festival.

The Times Online have listed “40 bloggers that really count”
…including Mr Mark Watson. [If you haven’t realised already, I quite like his blog. It’s very good].


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