Headlines – May 27th

Arctic Monkeys – “She’s Thunderstorms” artwork featuring Alexa Chung.
The only source I can find for this is tumblr, so I’m unsure of its legitimacy.  Real or not, though, it looks brilliant.

This YouTube video is a must-watch for anyone who grew up watching ABC for Kids in the 90s.
All the favourites are there – Art Attack, Feral TV, Blinky Bill, Fireman Sam, Freaky Stories… and so many more!  Some facts to complement your journey down memory lane:  did you know that the original Budgie the Little Helicopter stories were written by Fergie, Duchess of York?  Or that the Bananas in Pyjamas theme song was performed by Monica Trapaga from Play School?  Or that the Round the Twist one was sung by the girl who played Linda in the first series?

Speaking of Art Attack, this PC game is only 28p.
Amazon UK have free shipping to Australia, so you could own it for less than 50c!  Back when I was in primary school, I would play this game for hours on end.  We sold our copy years ago in a garage sale, but I’m very tempted to buy a new one.  So cheap!

I know everyone is sick of hearing/reading about Rebecca Black…
… but I only found this article by Charlie Brooker a couple of days ago, and I couldn’t not share it.  Sample quote: “If you are complaining about a banal pop song but can’t muster a more inventive way to express yourself than typing “OMFG BITCH YOU SUCK”, then you really ought to consider folding your laptop shut and sitting quietly in the corner until that fallow lifespan of yours eventually reaches its conclusion.”

Did you think the US Life on Mars ending was ridiculous to the point of disbelief?  Well, it turns out, so did original series creator Matthew Graham.
This article, a Den of Geek interview with Mr Graham, is actually about his work on Doctor Who [the second episode of his two-parter airs in the UK tomorrow night], but also discusses why the US producers decided to change the ending of one of the best written television series of all time.  A really in-depth article that is most certainly worth a read.

Clem Bastow has been reminiscing about Dancing About Architecture: “Possibly the world’s only TV show expressly about music criticism!!”
I’ve written a couple of times about my experience with Dancing About Architecture.  It really was a good show, and is something you should definitely take a look at if you’re interested in music writing.  You can watch the first series online, and hopefully the second series will become available in the future.

As you well know, the BAFTAs took place this week.
I’m not going to comment on the results [The Only Way is Essex, really?!], but I have a couple of photos to share.  The first is of Martin Freeman, who seemed genuinely shocked to be given an award.  But my favourite pictures of the night are those of Catherine Tate, whose date for the night was her young daughter.  Don’t they both look lovely?

Chris Meloni [Detective Stabler] is leaving Law & Order: SVU.
I’m not sure why this is worth a mention, but I had some strange desire to share the news.  Never fear, though.  He’ll continue to appear in repeats on Channel 10.

Want to be a DJ?  Take some advice from The Vines.
This article from Spook Mag [which I’m not indie/hipster/underground enough to have heard about until now] has all the basics covered.  For example: #10. Playing the Black Eyed Peas is inexcusable. I’d like to extend that rule to include any of Fergie or Wil.I.Am’s solo releases.  Just say no.

Last, but not least:  Pulp played their first show since 2002 on Wednesday night in Toulouse.
And the setlist looks quite brilliant.  As I said yesterday, all I want is to see them play “This is Hardcore”.



  • Ali
    9 years ago

    I saw that arctic monkeys picture too, Alexa looks soooooo pretty.

  • Chloe
    9 years ago

    i’m gonna miss stabler so much! it’s not gonna be the same

    No mention of Gillian Anderson’s appearance at the BAFTAs, that’s disappointing.

  • 9 years ago

    I agree. SVU without Stabler is not SVU. It’ll be like that time that Benson went away for a few weeks [because Mariska was pregnant? I can’t remember], except that he won’t be coming back. I say pull the plug on the show now.

  • Chloe
    9 years ago

    I agree, it’s going to be sad but it’s better to end the show where it’s still quality viewing!

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