Headlines – June 4th

An eclectic mixture of links, videos and anything else that has tickled my fancy this week.

NewMatilda.com: Is SBS being outsourced to death?
An interesting read for anyone interested in a career in subtitling.

Why Google secretly took your wi-fi details – The Daily Mail
Apparently, so that they can target people with location-based advertising. Sneaky, but undeniably clever.

Triple J’s Zan Rowe discusses music documentaries
I haven’t seen many band docos, but I think my favourite would have to be DIG. What’s yours?

And another show in Sydney. Tickets go on sale 9am Tuesday. If you missed out on the first show, then this is your chance!

alicia_mb – Ashes to Ashes 3×08
This girl does some absolutely amazing [and hilarious] artwork, so if you’re an A2A fan, then check it out.

Yoko Ono wants Oasis to make more albums – NME.com
I have no idea why. She also wants to collaborate with The Flaming Lips, which could be quite interesting.

The Scrivener’s Fancy: Namedropalooza
Tony Martin goes into a name-dropping frenzy over at The Scrivener’s Fancy this week. He was once stuck in a revolving door with George Lucas. Sort of.


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