Headlines – June 3rd

New Who tomorrow [well, Sunday for us].  Are you ready? [source]

Acrtic Monkeys’ new album, Suck It and See, has finally been released.
But if you haven’t heard it yet, and are unsure if it’s worth your dollars, it can be streamed online.  Listen once, then buy.  Okay, listen a few times.  But then buy the goddamn thing.  It’s certainly worth it.

This interview with Courtney Love is brilliant.
She’s a rather fascinating character, and it’s funny to think that she’s become the figure that all the young starlets turn to when they’ve got a drug problem.

They won’t be available until the end of July, but they’ll be worth the wait.

The Guardian have released their “2011 Music Power 100”.
It’s great to see Adele and Damon Albarn in there.  Not so great to see She-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named.  The interactive article layout is quite interesting, too.

Have you been following the latest season of Masterchef?
Considering that my sister is a kitchen operations student at William Angliss, it’s no surprise that it’s on every evening in my house.  I’ve found the best way to enjoy the show is to watch while following Ben Pobjie’s tweets.  If you happened to miss the challenge where they were cooking for miners in WA, however, check out this brilliant recap.  In fact, it’s worth a read even if you did watch the episode.  Snark-tacular.

The Get This musical montage.
If you’ve never listened to Get This, then there is a hole in your life that needs to be filled.  This montage won’t really make sense to non-Ed/Tony/Richard fans, but for those of us who know that people want ducks, it’s synths-a-plenty.

Speaking of Get This, did you know that there could have one day maybe been a TV series?
From Tony Martin: “I was briefly involved in negotiations with Nine for what was to have been a TV version of Get This, to be called Too Many Questions. This project, it may surprise you to learn, was being championed by one Eddie McGuire, a man I had worked with at Triple-M in the early nineties and who, at this time, was responsible for bringing a little show called Underbelly to the network and was a bit worried about how it was going to go. Unfortunately, a bout of agent issues, and then the shocking death of perhaps the key talent, meant that no one ever got to see what ‘Talkback Mountain’ actually looked like.” Oh, if only!

Clem Bastow: “Some days I just want to watch Play School”.
Sometimes Clem’s TV blogs for The Vine seem like perfect summaries of my emotions towards a television show – and this is one of those times.  Play School was an important part of my childhood, too.  Earlier this year, Glenn and I found ourselves watching it at ACMI.  [We then went on to watch Round the Twist, Crash Zone and Genie from Down Under.  And there’s nothing wrong with that].


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