Headlines – June 24th

The trailer for Bridesmaids understates the comic genius of the film. If you haven’t seen it yet, I implore that you do. Especially for Chris O’Dowd.

This t-shirt is amazing.
Threadless have done it again with this Doctor Who-inspired masterpiece, designed by Rosemary Travale.  If somebody wanted to have this delivered to my house, I certainly would not object.

Have you heard of John Stump?
His compositions, such as “Faerie’s Aire and Death Waltz”, are a classical music student’s nightmare.  Thankfully, they’re not meant to actually be played.

Wall Street Journal:  “Internet Addresses Enter New.Era”
This is fascinating – the organisation who regulate domain name endings [.com/.org/etc.] have approved changes that could allow people to invent their own.  There would still be a lot of rules, and custom names would be rather pricey, but this could potentially change the way people think of the internet.  It’s the end of www.com.

Ever wanted your own personalised doll?
In Japan, there’s a place that will make a mini plastic version of you, and it’s pretty amazing.  Check out one person’s experience here.

The Guardian have compiled a list of the “100 Greatest Non-Fiction Books”.
I haven’t read any of them.  Have you?

The illusion is shattered – behind the scenes on Sesame Street.
On one hand, this image is amazing to look at.  On the other hand, it’s a little sad to see the truth behind Bert & Ernie’s existence.  I mean, I’ve always known they were puppets, but still…

The Cribs – “Under Pressure”.
Yes, it’s the boys from Wakefield trying to be Queen & David Bowie.  I like it.

Where were you on the 10th of June?
I bet you wish you were at Jack White & Karen Elson’s divorce party [via Defamer].  It’s like a wedding in reverse.

“The new tumblr is so ugly!” *cries*
I know.  But never fear, there are Greasemonkey scripts that can make it all better again.


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