Headlines – June 10th

Florence + the Machine kick off their US tour next week, and Flo’s dresses have been exclusively designed for her by Gucci!  [Image from People]

Pulp are coming!  Pulp are coming!
And I’m going to keep going on about it until they’re here.  This week’s installment is a cute picture of Jarvis Cocker’s son Albert.

Steven Moffat: “You want to see the Press Gang cast OLDER THAN DOCTOR WHO?”
Yes, Steven.  I really, really do.  Interestingly, before he took over Doctor Who, the Moff did talk about writing a Press Gang reunion at some point.  I know he’s a little busy at the moment, but I’d still like to think that it may happen some day.

Johnny Marr demonstrates how to make excellent use of a 4-track.
This is an out-take from a 2007 BBC Two series called I’m In A Rock n Roll Band.  I’ve not seen the series, but after watching this clip, I think I might look it up.

Confessions from a Cosmo fact-checker.
As someone who’s always wanted to work in magazines, I found this article by one-time Cosmopolitan freelancer Katherine Goldstein a really fascinating read.

Robyn’s “Call Your Girlfriend” video clip is amazing.
It’s all one take, and features the kind of dance moves that my four year-old self would have strutted all over the dance floor.  Watch it here.


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