Headlines – July 1st

Biffy Clyro at Glastonbury [picture from Virgin Media]

Twenty five racehorses, no stopwatch, five tracks.  Figure out the top three fastest horses in the fewest number of races.
Want a job at Facebook?  The above question is one that you would have to answer.  [For the record, I think you’d race the horses five at a time, and then finally race the winners of those five races.  The first three horses of that final race would be the three fastest overall].  Find more crazy interview questions [and how to answer them] here.

“The Eternal Shame of Your First Online Handle”
[via GOOD].  What was your first MSN username, or Hotmail address [or NeoPets account name]?  One of mine was britt_the_boss – taken from a Margaret Clark book – and I still use it to this day [others including brickety and brattybritt have since been forgotten].  This article asks a few different online personalities for the stories behind their first online handles, and it’s nice to see that even the most eloquent of writers came up with some awful usernames at the age of thirteen.

Do you want a Gene Hunt action figure?  Me too!
Unfortunately they don’t really exist, however, one particular Life on Mars fan actually made one!  And a Sam Tyler, too.  I think they’re absolutely brilliant.  Some people are just too talented for their own good.

The Awl: “The Shocking True Tale of the Mad Genius Who Invented Sea Monkeys”
He also invented those dolls’ eyes that close when you lay the doll on its back.  And invisible goldfish [although they were more of a scam than an actual invention].  But it seems that Harold von Braunhut wasn’t the nice man that you might imagine him to be…

Cracked.com: “6 Pieces of Music That Mean the Opposite of What You Think”
Apparently Wagner’s famous bridal waltz is actually supposed to be the soundtrack to a mass murder, not forthcoming matrimonal bliss.

Was Fran Fine’s wardrobe really that bad?  Or was she just fashion forward?
Should Be On The Nanny superimposes Fran Drescher’s head onto current fashion ensembles.  Hilarity ensues.

Can you correctly pronounce every word of this poem?
So many things that are reblogged around tumblr are complete bullshit, but I quite enjoyed this little poem.  Just ignore the bit at the top about the Frenchman saying he’d prefer hard labour – such unnecessary and irrelevant commentary.  [And, for the record, there was only one word in there that I was unsure of: sward].

Glastonbury happened last weekend, and I would have given anything to be there.
Unfortunately, however, I live on the other side of the world, and nobody was willing to fund a European getaway for me.  We Write Lists were there, however, and I rather enjoyed their photo recap of the festival.

Speaking of the UK, if I were there I’d certainly go to this exhibition.
People’s bedrooms are such fascinating spaces.  They can reveal so much about one’s life.

Judith G Klausner carves images into Oreos.
She also makes art from nail clippings and insect parts.  A little disturbing, but also rather fascinating in an I’m-quite-revolted-but-I-can’t-look-away kind of way.

A Beginner’s Guide to Free to Air TV: “Pick Me Up”.
If someone offered to kill a dragon for me, then they would immediately hold the key to my heart.  In this blog post, Alex writes about her favourite pick-up lines from the world of television.  “Get your coat, you’ve pulled” might seem a little forward, but to those of us who get the reference, it might just be the perfect thing to say.

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