Headlines – April 30th

A collection of the most important news & reviews, and the occasional video of a cat playing a keyboard [this is a lie – I hate cats], from the past week:

Phill Jupitus: Never Mind the Buzzcocks is due back in September
I wonder who’ll be hosting. And whether Noel Fielding will have fixed his hair by then…

Bob Franklin’s How Delightful #5 from The Mick Molloy Show
Someone has uploaded a heap of clips and sketches from The Mick Molloy Show on YouTube, and they’re a good laugh. Warning: only click if you’ve got a bit of time ahead of you – once you’ve watched one clip, you won’t want to stop!

One for the grammar nazis: “The Alot Is Better Than You At Everything” from Hyperbole and a Half
I like spelling. I don’t like obvious spelling errors. If you don’t care about spelling, grammar, or the English language [I like Oxford commas, okay?], then don’t click this link, because you probably won’t get it.

The art of the opening title sequence at Tube Ray Army
From Doctor Who to Heartbreak High, and everything in between – including the best theme tune to ever have graced our screens: “Have you ever, ever felt like this?”

The Melbourne City Council can’t recognise art, even when it’s sprayed on a building in front of them
The anti-graffiti crew have managed to paint over the last piece of Banksy’s work left in the CBD. Dickheads.

Ryan Jarman’s cover of “Do Wah Doo” is now on YouTube
I did say that I couldn’t wait to hear Ryan Jarman’s take on his girlfriend’s latest single [the cover is included as a b-side on the release], and I must admit that I’m quite disappointed. Stripped back, it’s lacking the energy of Kate’s version. I thought it’d be a bit of fun, but I actually find it quite crappy, and not in a good way. You can make up your own mind, though.

The Geocities-izer
Possibly the best website ever. Well, not really. But it does take any website and make it look like it was made in the mid-90s – complete with animated gifs and midi music. Oh the memories!

Filming has started on series 3 of the Librarians
I actually liked this show [I know a lot of people didn’t], and Tony Martin will be guest directing. Should be good.

Bootleg City: Doesn’t Smell Like Teen Spirit To Me on Pop Dose
A Nirvana bootleg from November 1989, yours to download for free! [Scroll down past the picture of Fred Flintstone]. Enjoy!

READ AT YOUR OWN RISK: BBC Press Office – Ashes to Ashes 3.8
SPOILERS! It doesn’t give too much away, but if you’re concerned, it’s probably best that you don’t click.


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