Headlines – April 23rd

A greatest hits compilation of the past week, in link form:

The Evolution of Big-Name Logos at inspiredology
An interesting look at how the logos for well known brands, such as Nike & Coca-Cola have evolved over the years.

“Don’t blink. Blink and you’re dead. Don’t turn your back. Don’t look away. And don’t blink.”
Best Doctor Who episode ever. And now the Weeping Angels are returning! I can’t wait to see what Steven Moffat has in store for us next!

The “Get This” Rext Hunt album sketch – with video – on YouTube
[via @scrivenersfancy – Tony Martin – on twitter]
Remember “Get This” [also known as the best radio show to have ever existed]? If you look hard enough, you can still find the podcasts on iTunes – search for “Richard Marsland Lives”. Or, just watch this video, and remember the good times.

The NME office blog asks: “Will we ever be nostalgic for the CD?”
I know I certainly will be, because the CD has been the basis of my music consumption my whole life – even now I prefer to purchase the compact disc, rather than download an mp3. But all the same, it doesn’t quite have the homemade kitsch quality of the cassette tape, or the elitist charm of vinyl.

guardian.co.uk’s Top 50 Twitter feeds for the arts
Feel like your twitter feed is a little empty these days? Here’s a list of tweeps compiled by guardian.co.uk to keep you amused & informed. And, while you’re adding people, I’m @brittinboots.

Does the title of this article put fear in your heart: Russel T Davies Returns to Doctor Who – And He’s Bringing an Old Friend?
It certainly scares me! Just when we thought the Doctor was finally safe in the reassuring hands of Steven Moffat! Well, do not fear: RTD will be staying well away from new Who. Eleven will be featuring in a two-parter for The Sarah Jane Adventures. Apparently it will feature a lot of angst. And, knowing RTD, probably a few mentions of Rose. Ugh.

Jack Ladder performing “Maggie May” from last year’s Big British Sound
Last year Ben Sherman put on a show in Sydney featuring Aussie artists singing covers of British tracks. This year the show is coming to Melbourne, and features the likes of Whitley, Pikelet & Bertie Blackman – Thurs 6th May at the Corner Hotel.


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