HEADLINES – April 1st

Some old news in this Headlines post, as I’ve been rather slack in my compilation of links these past few weeks, but good stuff all the same.

Tony Martin spent part of February filming interviews for his A Quiet Word With… series, and here he documents some of his London experiences.  The episode with Alan Davies airs tomorrow night at 9:30 on ABC1.

BRITISH COMEDY NEWS:  Simon Amstell’s sitcom, Grandma’s House has been renewed for a second season.  Also, QI will be moving back to BBC2, while Miranda has been promoted to BBC1!

As I’ve mentioned before, Clem Bastow is one of my favourite writers, and this piece on loneliness and depression is not only brilliantly written, but it’s also incredibly relatable.

This is the Stylus article that inspired the Music Diary Project.  Read it.  And prepare to start documenting your listening habits on Monday.

Stressed?  Read this.  Mark Watson shares his tips on not getting to wound up about things.


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