HEADLINES – 8th June 2012

Once again, it’s been ages since I’ve done a HEADLINES post.  I do apologise, however I have complete faith in your abilities to find your own articles and interesting websites to read, without my guidance.  Still, here are a bunch of links and things that I’ve collected over the past month or so.

Congratulations to Mr Steven Moffat.

How to pose like a fashion blogger [Not So Lonely Londoners].  One of the most infuriating thing about fashion bloggers is the stupid poses that they all seem to do.  This article, which was brought to my attention in the GOMI forums, makes fun of almost every single one of them.  And there’s a sequel!

RocKwiz have announced a new national tour.  They’ll be putting on shows all around the country – check out the RocKwiz Live website for dates and details.  If you come to the Melbourne show, then I’ll most certainly be seeing you there.

Rolling Stone have an exclusive video of Garbage rehearsing “I Think I’m Paranoid”, and it’s brilliant.  I’m still waiting on them to announce some Australian tour dates, but hopefully that will happen quite soon.  Please.

According to TorrentFreak, Australians are downloading more Game of Thrones than anybody else [The Daily Telegraph].  Choice quote: “Australia has arguably one of the highest rates of TV copyright infringement in the world, fuelled by intransigent content owners and television networks that hold off airing programs for weeks or months at a time.” – ZDNet journalist, Josh Taylor.  Give us a legal way to watch things at the same time as everybody else, and this will no longer be such an issue.

[image via io9]

Vintage Disneyland character costumes were actually quite scary, as seen in this article on io9.  I think the seven dwarves are the freakiest.

According to The Independent, “they don’t make rock chicks like they did in the 90s”. “Along with artists such as Liz Phair, Tori Amos and Hole’s Courtney Love among others, Morissette, Apple and Garbage’s Shirley Manson all rose to prominence in the Nineties and represented a new wave of women in music who were outspoken, unhinged, aggressive and extremely sexual. After riot grrrl, the underground punk movement, had exploded at the beginning of the decade, it wasn’t long before the mainstream music world welcomed a number of opinionated female rock acts. These were the heroines of Generation X, rejecting their mothers’ brand of feminism and deconstructing femininity.”

The Militant Baker took a stand against annoyingly positive bloggers like Elsie Larson, and people bit back.  I get her point, though.  Life isn’t all sunshine and rainbows, and you can’t make everything better by eating a cupcake, or tapping yourself [yes, I’m looking at you, Gala Darling].

Bow Ties Are Cool presents: How To Be a Writer – Part One, and Part Two I discovered Meg’s blog through Nova Rella a couple of months ago, and it’s quickly become one of my favourite reads.  She mightn’t update all too regularly, but when she comes out with gems like this, irregularity can be forgiven [besides, who am I to talk about regular updates?].



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