Headlines – 28th May

You may have noticed that there wasn’t a “headlines” post last week, due to the hysteria surrounding the end of Ashes to Ashes. Therefore, this week’s edition is supersized, including links from the past two weeks. Enjoy!

Guardian.co.uk: A fifth season of The IT Crowd has been announced
…even though the fourth hasn’t even aired yet! The IT Crowd is without a doubt one of the best sitcoms going around at the moment. The fourth season has been completed, and will hopefully be gracing our screens quite soon. Apparently there’s an episode about Twitter – or “Chitter”, as they’re calling it. Hopefully it’ll be as good as FriendFace.

Rap Against Rape: “What Did I Do Wrong?”
Was this as cringe-worthy back in the 90s as it is now?

Residents of the UK can watch Biffy Clyro’s Radio 1 Big Weekend performance online
I wish I could watch it too. Damn geographical censoring! I can see the pictures, though. Simon’s tattoos certainly are brilliant, and he appears to have trimmed his beard since they played here last week.

Gary Jarman is a Pavement roadie
Pretty cool, if you ask me. They’re a strange lot, those Jarman boys.

Mark Watson: Careless talk costs lives
Mark’s blog is a delight to read every day, but this article really stood out to me. It’s about music, and how certain bands and artists can affect you more than others – your “pet” bands, per say. And what happens when your favourite band are all of a sudden everybody’s favourite? It just doesn’t feel that special anymore.

Rumours of a Skins movie have been made official, according to the NME
Apparently it will include members of both casts. I’d love to see Sid and Cassie again!

Ever wondered how the Twilight soundtrack-makers pick their songs? The NME reveal all
Well, not really. I’m still quite disgusted by the whole thing. People like Jack White, Matt Bellamy and Florence Welch lending their name to such tripe … it’s quite depressing.

New [and “easier”] Facebook privacy settings are coming our way
Hopefully Zuckerberg and co. have come up with something a little more user-friendly this time.

Peter Cushing lives in Whitstable
“I have seen him on his bicycle, I have seen him buying vegetables, Peter Cushing lives in Whitstable.” One for the QI fans. This is pretty brilliant – I can’t believe it took this long to come my way.

From CNN: Does Facebook know who you’ll be dating next?
This is creepy, but it makes you think. How much about our lives can our social media/online activity reveal?

And this is why I love tumblr – finding gems like this on my dashboard really make my day.

More news from the NME: Russell Brand and Robbie Williams to duet
Sometimes I think that the NME newsteam are on crack. But these things always turn out to be true. It’s just such an odd thought… and Russell Brand really isn’t the best singer.

“Why The Doctor is tops” – Justin Hamilton
I’m not overly familiar with much of his work, but any Aussie comedian who wants to write about Doctor Who certainly deserves a mention here.

Old School: Vintage ads we’re glad are gone
Quite a fascinating selection here.

Tony Martin: Reasons to be cheerful
Something to brighten your day.

If you haven’t yet heard Pendulum’s remix of the ABC news theme, then click here immediately
This has been all over triple j lately, since Pendulum mentioned it on the Doctor’s drive time show, and it’s pretty amazing.

TheVine.com.au – Clem Bastow on the Lost finale
Why couldn’t Channel Seven broadcast it simultaneously with the rest of the world? I think this really shows how much they actually care about their viewers. By the time they showed the episode, all the real fans had already downloaded it. I wonder if the ratings suffered.


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