Haters Gonna [maybe calm down a little and stop with all the] Hate

Haters Gonna [maybe calm down a little and stop with all the] Hate

These pictures are only mildly relevant to the following rant, but I really wanted an excuse to post Rory in his pants.  [Source].

Something that I’ve been noticing, particularly within the Doctor Who fandom, is that there seems to be a lot of hate going round.  People are throwing about words like “sexist” and “homophobic”, posting angry rants all over the internet, and attacking those who disagree with them.  Now, I can understand that sometimes the television shows that we love the most can cause the most harm, but surely all of this anger is counter-productive.  I love Doctor Who – it’s my favourite television show that’s currently on air – but I’ll happily admit that it’s not perfect.  Sometimes Steven Moffat likes to make things a little too complicated for his own good.  Sometimes Russell T Davies sacrificed actual story in order to include as many past characters as he could in his season finales.  Sometimes otherwise excellent episodes can contain small yet significant continuity errors that just bug you the whole way through.  But, despite all of these things, I am a Doctor Who fan.  I care about the Doctor.  I care about Amy and Rory – and Donna, and Martha [not so much Rose, I never liked her that much].  I watch Doctor Who because I enjoy doing so, and when I write about it, or talk to people about it, I try to do so in a positive manner.  What’s the point of calling yourself a fan of something and then completely ripping it to shreds?

Now, while I’m at it, I feel the need to debunk those “sexist” and “homophobic” claims that I mentioned earlier.

Doctor Who is not sexist…
Having an attractive female character find paid work as a model is not sexist, particularly when that woman is proven to be as smart and fierce as Amy Pond.  I’ve always been drawn towards television shows with an intelligent female lead – Press Gang’s Lynda Day, the eponymous Veronica Mars, even Pawnee’s own Leslie Knope – and the past few seasons of Doctor Who have been no exception.  Sure, Amy’s not a career-driven character, but neither was Donna.  You can’t exactly tell me that Rose had the most promising future before the Doctor whisked her away from her department store job.  You don’t have to have a career to be a strong woman.  You can get married if you want.  You can choose to have children – or not, it’s up to you.  It’s how you act that makes the difference – and as Amy would tell you herself, she’s “easily worth two men”.

…nor is it homophobic.
In the past few seasons of Doctor Who there have been several mentions of fully functioning homosexual couples without a big deal being made of them.  They were treated with the same respect as a heterosexual couple.  Just in the most recent episode, “The Power of Three”, for example, Amy agreed to be a bridesmaid at a gay wedding.  The fact that it was two women marrying was brought up exactly once, and nobody seemed shocked or found it weird.  Isn’t this exactly what we want?  For all couples to be treated equally without prejudice?  According to the angry internet people, apparently not.

I honestly believe with both of these issues that it’s a case of people wanting to be angry about something, and therefore over-scrutinising every possible aspect of Doctor Who in order to find something that could potentially be offensive, and I just don’t understand it.  As I said before, Doctor Who has its flaws – and I’m not afraid to point them out – but it’s certainly not sexist or homophobic, and as a fan, I’d much prefer to celebrate the series’ triumphs than its errors.

Edited to add a slight disclaimer-like thing: What I’m trying to say is that the fans should stop throwing around big words like “sexist” and “homophobic” about this show that they supposedly love, which is clearly neither of those things.  I’m not telling people that they can’t write negative episode reviews, or that they have to think everything as perfect – as I’ve already said many times in this little rant: I don’t think Doctor Who is perfect, and I hate Rose.  But, I love the show, and I hate to see people who call themselves fans so aggressively ripping it to shreds over nothing.



  • sassy3000
    6 years ago

    OH my goodness SHUT THE H**L UP you babbling moron! The ONLY reason that Amy was written to be a bridesmaid at a gay wedding was BECAUSE OF ALL THE CRITICISM! >PALMSMACK>
    Unbelievably stupid is the only way to describe the butt-kissing morons who pathetically and farcically attempt to defend a massive chauvinist PIG like Steven Moffat! The man is a racist, sexist pig! I don’t think he’s a homophobe just a moron who treats gay couples as a joke!
    After several years of criticism for someone to purposely write or IN THIS CASE BUY a script with a tiny reference to a gay couple is hardly “proof” that they aren’t disrespectful or indifferent but merely able to READ!
    And F**K the “Haters gonna Hate” Bullsh*t! A childish response to legitimate complaints! It goes well beyond a few badly written characters but that he continuously creates THE SAME TYPE OF FEMALE CHARACTER OVER AND OVER AGAIN! No! they are NOT identical lest any of you babbling half-wits start with that annoying habit of taking EVERYTHING literal because you’re too stupid to take SOME THINGS with a grain of salt!
    And river song was his swan song. she started out as annoying and deteriorated into a sociopathic stalking creepy grotesque self-parody. Except to drooling creeps who DUE TO THEIR admiration of Alex Kingston decided to just automatically like River. NO matter HOW creepy and gross she is! And she IS a textbook Sociopath. Those who deny it only make themselves sound stupid and seriously uneducated. Even those a-holes who pretend to be all clever and try to challenge me. Don’t Bother! I’ve studied psychology for 20 yrs! I’ll wipe the floor with any of you smart-mouths!
    And Moffats moronic stories (either ones he wrote or as HEAD WRITER CHOSE TO BUY) are neither “complicated” or “too intellectual” except to complete half-wits or (TO BE FAIR) very young children.
    I don’t EVER include those under 12 in these rants. NEVER!
    But those over 12 should start to have a little common sense! And instead of acting like a jackazz and just running off at the mouth, it would be refreshing to actually have someone responding who actually SHOW that they’ve DONE RESEARCH and not just offering up their worthless clueless opinion! Which doesn’t work against the HARD COLD FACTS OF SCIENCE! Sorry Neither!

  • 6 years ago

    Hello sassy3000, and thank you for your comment. If you stopped with the name-calling, I’d be happy to engage in an intelligent debate. But if all you came here to do was call me a “moron” and a “jackazz”, then I guess your job is done.

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