Happy ‘Arrested Development’ Day!

Happy ‘Arrested Development’ Day!

Today is the day! Well, technically it was yesterday… but for those of us without a Netflix account [due to living in the wrong country and all], today is the day that we can finally, uh, ‘legally acquire’ the new season of Arrested Development. For fear of spoilers, I’ve been hiding from the internet for the past 24 hours [and will continue to do so until after trivia tonight], but for you, my dear blog reader, I have briefly emerged to share the following SPOILER FREE links to various Arrested Development articles and artwork that I’ve collected over the past few weeks. Enjoy!


Paper doll by Kyle Hilton.

College Humor presents: Your Complete Guide to Arrested Development. This handy guide will help you catch up on each character, before you immerse yourself in the new season.

This is a great illustration of Tobias by Sam Spratt.

The Geeky Hostess has created a guide to hosting the perfect Arrested Development Premiere Party, complete with themed food and drinks. This is also my new favourite blog – since discovering it the other day, I’ve read back ten pages into the archives, and found myself feeling very inspired to host my own various ‘geeky’ gatherings.

Here is some more great artwork.

This NPR app is an amazingly thorough guide to every single running joke from the first three seasons. It was a pretty helpful guide when Glenn and I were writing the Arrested Development trivia special.

Maria Seguin created these amazing Arrested Development Valentines earlier this year.


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