Hang the DJ

299180_10151543446610409_453865153_n[image via the facebook event]

It’s hard for me to write about Hang the DJ in a fair and unbiased manner.  Not because Andrew McClelland – one of the show’s two performers – taught me how to DJ.  But because it’s a show that honestly seems like it’s been tailor-made just for me.  It hasn’t, of course.  And the raving reviews that the show has already received are proof that I’m not the only person who adores it.

The problem comes from trying to explain what exactly Hang the DJ is.  It’s a comedy show!  With music!  And some dancing!  And they tell stories about DJing!  And then afterwards it turns into Finishing School!  Basically, it’s about as close to a perfect night out as you’re going to get – if you love music and dancing just as much as I do.

For more info, check out Hang the DJ on the official MICF website.


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