Garbage Adventures – Part Two: Sydney

This is the second part in the story of how I followed my favourite band around a couple of countries [click here for part one].  Yes, it was a little crazy, but no, it wasn’t half as stalkerish as you’d expect.  Here’s what happened in Sydney.

Copyright: Rebecca HouldenGarbage at the Metro Theatre, Sydney.  Photo by Rebecca Houlden.

I’ve already written about the Horrible Soundwave Disaster, and I don’t want to ever have to even think about it again [because of how mad it makes me], but I should probably make a couple of brief points for those of you who are too lazy to click the link and read my Soundwave recap post.  I’d just like to mention the people who I met in the [horrible] D in front of stage 2B.  There was Em, who went off in search of a manager to try and get a refund for her ticket.  And then there were Bec and Dave, who shared their pizza shapes.  All three of them were going to be at the sideshow the following night.

On the Monday afternoon, my Sydney-sider sisters Sarah and Emma and I headed into the CBD in search of the Metro.  I was pretty excited about dragging the girls along to see my favourite band.  Outside the venue, the first person I ran into was Rik [previously mentioned in part one].  Further back in the line was Dave.  There were a couple of other familiar faces in the queue – people who I recognised, but had not yet met.

Bec got there not long after me, and we had one of those It’s A Small World moments where I discovered that Bec actually knew Glenn – she’d worked as a photographer at some of the fashion shows he’s filmed – and not only that, she also works with my friend Tegan [who I used to work with at C31]!  It’s a world of laughter, a world of tears, it’s a world of hope and a world of fears… Okay, sorry.  I’ll stop now.

There was a crowd of about 30 waiting outside the Metro when a staff member asked us to leave.  Apparently the venue doesn’t allow lining up until the security guards begin work at 6:30.  Some quick thinking led to the creation of “The List”.  We all wrote our names down in the order that we were lined up, and wrote corresponding numbers on our hands.  I’d read about line lists before, but I was always a little sceptical of them.  Also, the ones that I’d heard about were all at stadium gigs, not small inner-city venues.  Still, there was nothing to worry about because our list worked brilliantly.

The ListGo team “The List”.

Most people headed over the road to the pub.  Unfortunately, I was chaperoning a minor, so we ended up at McDonald’s.  There we ran into Em [from Soundwave].  Meanwhile, Belinda and Katrina – two Melbourne-based fans who I hadn’t yet met – were loitering outside the Metro, alerting and numbering any new arrivals.  It was a flawless system.  Everyone trickled back sometime after 6, and the line reformed in all of its glory.  Soon enough, we were inside and ready to go.

Despite being #17 on The List, the stage was so narrow that I was right over to the side, kind of in front of Duke.  This ended up working in both Sarah and Emma’s favours – he gave each of them a pick at the end of the night.  I didn’t get one, but that was okay.

The support act was an up-and-coming Melbourne band called Private Life, who’d stepped in to replace The Dear Hunter.  I recognised Ollie from The Cat Empire playing keyboards, and found myself distracted by the singer’s see-through skirt.  Private Life weren’t bad, but they were nothing to write home about either.

Garbage’s performance, on the other hand, was brilliant [as expected].  At one point Shirley needed to towel herself down, so Butch stepped up to the mic and reminded us all of Garbage’s humble beginnings, and how Mushroom records were the first label to sign them.  Michael Gudinski was hiding up the back somewhere, and the band were happy to see him again.  Shirley also spoke about the whole Soundwave fiasco – you can watch a video of what she had to see here on FasterLouder [I tried to embed it, but the code wouldn’t work].  That article also goes over AJ Maddah’s side of the story [after he finally admitted that Garbage weren’t divas].

Bec was shooting the gig, and she took some amazing shots [see the photo at the top of this post for an example – you can see more at her Facebook page].  I didn’t take my camera, and was too enthralled with the performance to even pull out my phone.  This was the first time that I’d ever been front row at a Garbage gig, and it really excited me about everything that was to come.

Up next: Melbourne.


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