frankie: issue 38 is here!

Image from Etsy.

With each new issue of frankie magazine comes the friendly reminder that time is passing.  Has it really been two whole months since the last issue?  It really doesn’t feel that long.  I could’ve sworn that it was only a few weeks ago that I was flicking through the latest copy, sipping a cup of hot milo and wondering why Mia Timpano doesn’t write for them anymore.

The latest issue isn’t officially released for another couple of days, but the friendly folk at magnation have got it in early.  So if you can’t wait any longer for issue 38, head on down to the Elizabeth St store and say hello to the wonderful staff [who really are lovely – I get the best customer service there].

The Nov/Dec issue features interviews with Nick Cave and Joan Jett, pictures of Gareth Liddiard’s backyard, and the boys from Little Red dressed up in nice clothes.

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